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Sept 11th, 2021
9:30 am - 2pm



Ebyland LLC
12702 Ali Ghan Rd
Cumberland, MD 21502

Taster Tickets:

Individual Tickets: Free
Family Tickets (Group of 4): Free

Welcome Egg Enthusiasts!

Ebyland Eggfest is dedicated to the Big Green Egg, family and friends. Whether you own an Egg or just want to sample some new tastes and culinary creations then the Eggfest is for you!


Photos from this past Egg Fest Event

Demo Eggs

What are the savings?

We will have our Demo Eggs for early buy, starting April 2nd. You will get a Large Green Egg with the Nest and Conveggator for $950 ( Only while supplies last; very limited ). Also, we will have a 10% sale on the day of the eggfest on all of our Big Green Egg accessories. To purchase a Demo Egg call our sales rep at 301-722-0043.

What is an Eggfest?

An event where Egg Enthusiasts and Tasters gather for a festival type event dedicated to the Big Green Egg. Egghead chefs showcase their skills and share culinary creations all cooked on the Big Green Egg. Tasters enjoy samples of unique recipes such as Pulled Pork, Pizza, and even desserts. Eggfests are the perfect opportunity for current Egg owners to enhance their Eggsperience as well as beginners to learn more about the Egg.


How can I purchase tickets?

Taster tickets can be purchased via our Eventbrite page, starting January 2.

What is the refund policy?

There will be no refunds.

Call Us! 301-722-0043