The Cleaner, hotter burning Firewood!


Benefits of FIREBLOX

vs. cut firewood

  • Burns cleaner
  • More BTU's per pound
  • Heat more with less wood
  • Weighs less
  • Saves space
  • Doesn't need split
  • Quick fire-starts

No special stove required • Cheaper than pellets.

FireBlox FAQ's

Many people love the warmth, glow, and aesthetics of having a wood-burning fireplace; but they are frustrated by the amount of work it takes to get firewood.  

The work of cutting and splitting firewood, the time it takes to dry, and the large space needed to store it can be overwhelming.

At Ebyland, we know your time and storage space are valuable.  We also understand the value of using a fireplace for heat and aesthetics.

So what is the solution to this firewood dilemma?


Fireblox is a firewood replacement made from kiln-dried sawdust and wood shavings that are compressed into very dense bricks.  These bricks can be burned in a normal fireplace, wood stove, or even campfires!

So what are the benefits of using Fireblox over traditional firewood?

  • They come prepackaged; no more splitting and cutting firewood.
  • They come kiln-dried; no more waiting over a year for firewood to cure and dry!
  • They come in rectangular blocks that are shrinkwrapped for easy stacking and storage.  
  • They create more heat with less material.  In fact, one skid of Fireblox produces the same amount of heat as 1.5 cords of firewood!
  • It creates less ash and requires less cleaning than firewood.

We offer local delivery in Cumberland, MD, and surrounding areas, so you can receive Fireblox directly at your location.  Our delivery truck has a forklift so you can get a full skid of Fireblox, even if it's your residence!

We know you may have limited storage space, and we package our skids to ease this frustration.  Full skids are covered and wrapped to protect against weather.  

If you are tired of all the time and work that goes into firewood for your stove, fireplace, or campfires; then it’s time to try Fireblox.  Say goodbye to cutting, splitting, drying, storage issues, and all the cleaning that regular firewood requires.  

Instead, order your Fireblox from Ebyland today and see how it makes your life easier!