Fire Blox


Fire Blox provides efficient heat in your wood stove without the work, space, or dirt that comes with firewood!

  • Sold by the pallet.
  • 80 small packs in one pallet.


The cleaner, hotter burning firewood. This product replaces regular firewood and burns in any wood stove.  No longer do you need to put all the work into cutting, splitting, or stacking firewood!


What advantages does Fire Blox provide?

  • More BTU per pound than traditional firewood.
  • Fire Blox takes less storage room.
  • It stacks easily and neatly.
  • Fire Blox comes in pallets for easy storage and movement.

You can pick up your Fire Blox at our store, or Ebyland can deliver directly to your home, shop, office, or other location.


Have better heat with less work, take less storage space, and put your chainsaw and ax away with Fire Blox!


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