Ultimate Guide To Fire Pits: Fuels, Styles, Accessories, and More!


Nothing speaks of relaxation like a cool summer night around a beautiful fire with stars twinkling above your head! 

But creating an accommodating space where you can enjoy outdoor relaxation can be challenging. There are lots of things to think about when designing an outdoor haven. 

Today, this article from Ebyland will guide you through all the ins and outs of fire pits for your outdoor space. We’ll learn about fire pit styles, fuels, accessories, and more! 

Let’s get started!

Table of Contents
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    1. Why Should You Have a Fire Pit?
  • 2
    2. Fire Pit Fuels
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    3. Fire Pit Styles
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    4. Fire Pit Accessories

Why Should You Have A Fire Pit?

To start off, let’s make sure we’re on the same page–is having a fire pit even worth it? 

We sure think it is! Here are a few of the many reasons why having a fire pit on your property is a good idea: 

  • They create a focal point for your outdoor space. 
  • They provide ambiance, warmth, and coziness. 
  • They allow for great conversations and bonding moments. 
  • They give you an excuse to host–you can invite people over for a campfire and then spice it up with exceptional food and outdoor games! 
  • They provide light for your space. 
  • They are peaceful and relaxing! 
  • They add value to your home. 

Fireplaces are another excellent option for adding warmth and ambiance to your outdoor space, but fire pits offer a 360-degree view of the fire and make for more seating space. 

If you want more advice on choosing between a firepit and a fireplace, feel free to contact us here at Ebyland. We would be happy to offer you our expertise! 

Fire Pit Fuels

When discussing different types of fire pits, most people classify them first and foremost by fuel type. There are four fuel types generally used for fire pits: wood, propane, natural gas, and gel. 

Here are some of the pros and cons of each type. 


Wood fire pits are the simplest kind. They don’t have highly mechanized parts and are often constructed as a simple ring of stone or brick or as a movable dish on legs. 


  • Wood fire pits provide the homiest and most authentic campfire experience. You just can’t replicate real wood with other fuels! 
  • Wood fires provide the most heat for cooler evenings or climates. 
  • Wood fires are the best option for cooking over your fire pit. 
  • Wood fire pits are simply constructed and don’t involve lots of extra parts that could break.
  • Wood fire pits on legs are the most easily movable fire pit. 


  • Wood fires are more work to start and tend than other fuel types. 
  • Wood fires are messy. They involve ash, bits of bark, stacks of firewood, and partially burned logs left over in your fire pit. Wood fires also stain your fire pit with smoke and ash smears. 
  • Wood fires create smoke, and smoke getting in your eyes is a nuisance! 
  • If you are elderly or injured, handling firewood may be impossible for you. 

In short, wood fire pits are the most classic and authentic but require the most work and create the most mess.

wood fire pits are classic


Propane fire pits tend to look more modern and run off a propane cylinder or propane line. They are more convenient to light and don’t require you to handle heavy wood. 


  • Propane fire pits are easy to light and tend. 
  • They tend to look more modern and streamlined. 
  • Propane fires are easy to control, and you can turn them off with the flip of a switch. 
  • Using propane means you don’t need to handle heavy, bulky wood.  
  • Propane does not produce smoke. 


  • Propane fires look more fake and manicured than wood fires. They don’t have the same rustic charm! 
  • Propane fires don’t generate as much heat as wood fires. 
  • Burning a lot of propane can get expensive. 
  • There is more technology involved with propane fire pits. That’s tech that could break or malfunction. 

The bottom line is that propane fires are more convenient than wood fires but cost more to run and aren’t as authentic and charming. Also, propane fire pits typically look more modern and manicured.  

propane fire pits look modern

Natural Gas 

Natural gas fire pits run off a gas line and are most often immovable. They are a convenient and cost-effective option. 


  • Natural gas is fairly inexpensive, and you’ll never have to worry about running out of fuel. 
  • Natural gas fire pits are easy to light and don’t need any attention after they are lit. 
  • Natural gas is smokeless. 


  • Initial installation of a fire pit and gas line can be expensive, although operating costs are low after installation. 
  • Natural gas fire pits require a gas line, so they usually are not movable. 

Natural gas fire pits are convenient and cost-effective over the long haul but may require more upfront investment and usually are not movable. 


Gel-burning fire pits require an alcohol-based gel for fuel. You fill the pit with gel, light it, and the flame burns until all the gel is consumed. 


  • Gel fire pits are easy to use and don’t require you to handle wood. 
  • Gel fire pits are smokeless! 
  • There’s very little mess involved–no bark, ash, or stacks of wood. 
  • Gel fire pits are often easily portable and can come in small tabletop sizes. 


  • Burning gel can get expensive, and it can be challenging to find it in stores. 
  • Gel doesn’t put out much heat. 
  • Gel doesn’t provide the charm and authenticity of wood.
  • When you light the gel, it burns until it’s gone, and you cannot regulate it like gas.  

Gel fire pits are easy to use and come in small, convenient sizes, but gel can be harder to come by than some fuels, and you cannot regulate it like propane or natural gas. 

Fire Pit Styles

Now let’s move on to the different styles for fire pits. They come in a wide range of looks, so you can find something that fits the unique style and character of your space. 

  • Conventional fire pits 

When most people think of a “fire pit,” they think of a free-standing fire pit made of a raised ring of stones or a ring of stones sunk into the ground. 

Conventional fire pits are diverse and can be used for most fuel types. They are the classic types of fire pits, and they are perfect for any space! 

However, you could also get much more creative with one of the following types. 

  • Fire bowls 

With rounded bodies and smooth contours, fire bowls can look beautiful in modern outdoor spaces and more. They lend a graceful air to your space and catch your eye more than a conventional fire pit. 

Fire bowls are a versatile choice and can come with most fuel types. They are often free-standing fire pits but may come in smaller sizes too. Smaller ones may be portable fire pits. 

  • Tabletop fire pits 

If you want a small, portable fire pit, get a tiny tabletop fire pit. These make great centerpieces, ambiance, and even lighting pieces. 

Gel fuel is the best choice for these tiny portable fire pits since it is so easy to use. 

  • Fire pit grills 

Some fire pits come equipped with grills for easy cooking. These fire pit grills are often portable, free-standing fire pits and likely burn wood. 

These are the best choice if you want to enjoy cooking over your fire pit while relaxing and chatting with friends and family. 

  • Fire tables 

If you want a more solid presence, a fire table is perfect! Fire tables are a little heftier than raised fire pits and look like large tables with fire in the center. 

Fire tables are an excellent choice for propane since their design incorporates plenty of storage space. 

  • Fire pit kits 

If you are the type who likes to DIY, check out fire pit kits. In a kit, you’ll receive everything you need to build your fire pit: stones, glue, edging, etc. 

You can often customize your fire pit kit for the perfect look.

fire pit styles

Fire Pit Accessories

Beyond fuel and design, you can tailor your fire pit to your needs with fire pit accessories. Here are a few you could try: 

And more! There are plenty of options for personalizing your fire pit to your heart’s content, whether you have a portable fire pit, free-standing fire pit, stone fire pit, or other type!  


If you want to buy a fire pit, good choice, and good luck! You’ll love the relaxation and socialization opportunities your fire pit will provide. 

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