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Garden Soil is a nutrient-rich soil designed for gardens or raised beds.

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Garden soil is a soil mixture designed to optimize your garden or raised bed. It combines several elements to create the ideal soil in which your plants can sprout, grow, and develop.

This soil mix includes the following:

  • Screened premium topsoil – provides a good solid soil base.
  • Mushroom compost and pure bark – adds nutrients and rich organic matter.
  • Sandstone pebbles – allows for good drainage and prevents compaction.
  • Fine bark mulch – keeps the soil loose, allowing for easier seed germination and root system development.
  • Contains NO peat moss.

Whether you are starting or adding to your garden or raised bed, Garden Soil from Ebyland is one of the best options available! Give your vegetables and flowers the best possible chance for bountiful growth and production this year by planting them in the best possible soil!


We deliver garden soil to Cumberland, MD, and the surrounding area.  If you have access to a truck or trailer, you can also pick it up directly from our store!

More on Garden Soil

Do you dream of having a garden bursting with life, color, and delicious home-grown food?

Maybe you want to grow cucumbers and tomatoes that are three times tastier than anything you can buy from the store, or maybe you want flowerbeds with multiple varieties of colorful blooms.

But unfortunately, sometimes it’s not so easy. 

Sometimes your garden, so carefully planted, ends up with nothing but yellow, withered plants.

If that’s happening to you, chances are it’s because your soil isn’t providing your plants with the nutrients they need. But don’t worry, there’s a simple fix!

In order to optimize your garden or raised bed, try our garden soil, which includes everything your plants need to thrive.

What Is Garden Soil?

Garden soil is a soil mixture that’s specifically optimized for gardens.

Our garden soil has premium topsoil as a base. We then add mushroom compost and pure bark. This adds nutrients and organic matter so that your plants will have the nutrition they need to flourish.

Finally, we add sand and fine bark mulch. The sand helps the soil drain, which keeps the roots of your plants from rotting. It also helps prevent the soil from compacting. Fine bark mulch also keeps the soil loose, which makes it easier for seeds to germinate and for root systems to develop and thrive. 

Note: our garden soil does not contain peat moss. Peat moss affects the acidity of the soil and may be beneficial for some plants but not others. It’s also a non-renewable resource, so some people choose not to use it out of environmental concerns. 

How to Use Garden Soil

To add garden soil to your garden or flower beds, start by removing any old mulch and debris that may be left in the area. Then, loosen the soil with a shovel, spade, or hoe.

Once that is done, apply about a three-inch layer of garden soil and work it into the top six inches or so of soil. The ratio of garden soil to existing soil will depend on the quality of your existing soil. 

After that, you can add in extra fertilizers if you wish to. If you choose to use peat moss, now is a good time to mix some in as well.

For a raised bed, make sure to construct your bed so that the soil surface is level. Then, remove debris from the ground at the bottom of the bed and loosen it. 

Finally, fill your raised bed with garden soil. This will give your plants a healthy base, but if you wish you can also mix it with topsoil, peat moss, or other soil from your property. 

Now, the ground is all ready, and it’s time to grow the garden of your dreams!

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Garden Soil