EcoBlaze Wood Pellets

Your supplier for premium wood pellets in Cumberland, MD

  • “I look forward to winter because of my pellet stove! These are excellent pellets. Very low ash, and burn for a long time.”

    - Patti Gottshall

  • "The people at Ebyland were very knowledgeable and helpful. We chose a pellet stove from their showroom floor and had them install it in our living room. We are absolutely delighted with the results!"

    - Joshua Zimmerman

EcoBlaze Wood Pellets, Cumberland, MD

  • Produced locally with renewable resources
  • Exceeds PFI standards for premium pellets
  • Less than ½% Ash
  • Less than ½% Fines
  • High energy content
  • $20 a ton for local delivery
wood pellets near me, cumberland, MD

EcoBlaze Wood Pellet FAQ's

Where are they made?

Ecoblaze wood pellets are made locally in Cumberland, MD at Eby Sawmill.

Why do Ecoblaze pellets burn so hot and clean?

Ecoblaze wood pellets are made from the sawdust that comes from sawing trees into lumber. The sawmill debarks the tree first before it is cut into lumber. The sawdust is blown into a storage building until it is made into pellets. The wood fiber is kept clean and is free from bark which makes for a top-quality pellet.

Are Ecoblaze wood pellets hardwood pellets?

Yes, Eby Sawmill only cuts hardwood trees into lumber. The pellets are made from the sawdust from the hardwood trees.

Do I need a special stove to burn wood pellets?

Wood pellets are burnt in wood pellet stoves. They are not used in regular wood stoves.

Can I have them delivered to my house?

Yes, we use a delivery truck that has a forklift on the back to deliver the wood pellets. We use the forklift to unload the pallets and place them where it is convenient for our customers.

Can I store them outside?

The Ecoblaze wood pellets are covered and wrapped well enough that they can sit outside as long as the skid cover is not cut open or torn. However, we recommend storing them under a tarp on under roof to prevent any loss due to moisture.

Is there anything in the pellet that makes it stay together?

The natural lignin in the wood fiber holds the pellet together. High pressure and temperature combined makes the wood fiber stay together in the form of a pellet.

Many people enjoy the benefits of a wood pellet stove, but they are frustrated at obtaining the actual wood pellets for fuel.  Buying wood pellets in bulk, arranging the shipping, and dealing with the hassle of low-quality wood pellets removes all the joy of having a wood pellet stove.

At Ebyland, we understand your frustrations with obtaining premium wood pellets, having them delivered in bulk, and storing them properly.  

That’s why we offer local Ecoblaze premium wood pellets with local delivery!

Ecoblaze wood pellets are made in Cumberland, MD, by Eby Sawmill, a sister company to Ebyland.  This allows us to ensure that you are receiving only the top line of premium wood pellets for your stove.

Made only from hardwood sawdust, Ecoblaze premium wood pellets burn hot and clean with less than 0.5% ash.  This keeps your stove clean while delivering maximum heat.

We offer local delivery so that you receive the wood pellets directly at your location.  We have a delivery truck with a forklift so you can get a full skid of wood pellets, even if it's your residence!

We know you may have limited storage space, and we package our skids to ease this frustration.  Full skids are covered and wrapped to protect against weather. As long as the wrap is not torn or opened, the skid can remain outside for easier storage.

Stop worrying about how you will get your wood pellets delivered and stored at your residence and business in the local Cumberland, MD, area.  Instead, buy your Ecoblaze premium wood pellets from Ebyland today and let us handle the stress!