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Premium topsoil is excellent for planting grass or starting a garden.

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This topsoil is quality soil that is ideal for planting grass, starting a garden, or adding soil to other places that need a layer of topsoil added.  This soil is screened to remove sticks, rocks, and large clumps of dirt.  When you want good soil for your next garden or soil project, then you want our premium quality topsoil!


We deliver our premium topsoil to Cumberland, MD, and the surrounding area.  If you have a truck or trailer, you can also pick it up directly at our store!

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Weight 2000 lbs

More on Premium Topsoil

Your yard should be a tranquil place of beauty, where you can relax on a luscious lawn, grow your favorite flower varieties, or build raised beds and grow heirloom tomatoes.

Instead, when you look around you see bare patches on your lawn and withered plants in your sorry excuse for a flowerbed.

It’s time to do some serious yardwork!

No matter what backyard project you’re tackling, from restoring your lawn to building raised beds, they all require one basic thing: dirt.

Our Ebyland premium topsoil is the perfect base for any of your landscaping projects.

What is Premium Topsoil?

Premium topsoil is a general-purpose soil. It’s designed to be a good base for starting a garden, planting grass, or any other project that requires good basic soil.

Our premium topsoil is screened to remove rocks, sticks, and large clumps of dirt.

How to Use Premium Topsoil

Premium topsoil can be used for many types of projects, and how you use it will depend on what project you’re tackling!

Growing a lawn

To grow a lawn, you’ll need to remove existing grass and weeds with a sharp shovel or sod cutter, remove large rocks and debris, and maybe even till the soil if it’s extremely compacted.

Then, take your premium topsoil and use it to fill in any low spots. Even out the surface with a garden rake, and add more premium topsoil as necessary to make the ground as level as possible.

Then plant your grass according to the directions on the grass seed bag. After planting, cover your seeds with another thin layer of topsoil.

Repairing your lawn

If there are bare patches or low spots in your lawn, you can use premium topsoil to fix them. 

Remove the existing grass in those spots, loosen the ground, and add topsoil as necessary to create an even lawn. Then re-seed those areas using the same type of grass that is in the rest of your lawn. Follow the seeding instructions on the bag of grass seed.

After you’ve sprinkled the new seeds, cover them with another thin layer of topsoil.


Topsoil can be used as a base for a garden, flower bed, or raised bed. However, for the best results, mix your topsoil with fertilizers and composts that contain the best nutrients for the plants you’re trying to grow. 

No matter what project you’re tackling, Ebyland’s premium topsoil will provide a healthy base for new plant growth, so you can have the flourishing yard of your dreams!

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Premium Topsoil