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Nothing matches the beauty of a freshly mulched flower bed or landscape area. The smooth, colored ground cover, the neatly defined edges, and – best of all – the knowledge that the unsightly weeds are being held at bay all contribute to making mulch a joy to behold as well as a solid investment in your landscaping.

But did you know that not all mulches are created equal? Although it may not be readily apparent, inferior mulches can contain high percentages of wood, pallet boards, other building materials, or even dirt and trash. These foreign materials are of course bad for your flower beds, but even a high wood content in your mulch can translate into too much moisture and nutrient absorption for your smaller plants to tolerate.

At Ebyland, we offer only the highest quality clean mulch, made locally by Eby Sawmill.

We offer standard and premium bark mulch as well as multiple varieties of colored mulch including black, brown, and red. We also offer products specifically for playground surfaces such as rubber mulch (made of ground-up tires) and playground cover (a coarser wood mulch ideal for large areas).

For maximum delivery convenience, you can choose between picking up your mulch yourself at our landscaping center or having Ebyland deliver it directly to your home!

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