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Playground mulch is an economical and ideal choice for mulching large areas.

  • Combination of coarser hardwood and bulk mulch
  • Sold by the cubic yard
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This mulch is a coarse mulch blend, making it suitable for ground cover and other applications.  It is made from combining coarser hardwood and bark mulch blend.  Its lower cost makes it an economical choice when mulching large areas, particularly playgrounds areas for schools, churches, and parks.

We deliver playground mulch to Cumberland, MD, and the surrounding area.  If you have a truck or trailer, you can also pick it up directly at our store!

For the most economical choice for large area ground cover, come check out Ebyland’s selection today!


More on Playground Mulch

Playgrounds provide so much healthy fun for children, giving them an opportunity to get outside, exercise, make friends, and enjoy themselves. 

Whether you’re constructing a playground at your home, church, business, or park, you need some sort of ground cover to keep the area from getting slick and muddy, as well as to control weed growth.

When looking at your options, consider our playground mulch. 

What It Is

Playground mulch is a coarse hardwood mulch. Since it’s a lower-cost mulch that doesn’t break down very easily, it is an economical choice for a ground cover.

Playground mulch is typically used for large areas where you want to eliminate weed growth and provide a soft ground cover, such as under a swing set, along a walking path, or along a dog run. 

Benefits of Playground Mulch

  1. Playground Mulch is Cost-Effective
    Playground mulch is a cheaper mulch option, allowing you to cover large areas affordably.
  2. Playground Mulch Provides Cushioning
    Unlike other options you could choose for a playground or walking path, such as gravel, playground mulch offers shock absorption. This makes walks more pleasant and playground falls less dangerous and painful.
  3. Playground Mulch Keeps You Clean
    Playground mulch won’t get children’s clothes dirty. The hardwood is tightly-compacted so it doesn’t give slivers, and the mulch drains water so that there aren’t muddy patches.
  4. Playground Mulch Breaks Down Slowly
    Playground mulch is long-lasting, making it ideal for ground cover. However, it’s not good for garden beds because it doesn’t add nutrients back into the soil. Still, if you’re looking for an environmentally-friendly ground cover option, playground mulch is a good choice because it’s natural and biodegradable.
  5. Playground Mulch Offers Slip Resistance
    Since playground mulch absorbs and drains moisture, it keeps children from slipping as they run around and play. This is another reason it’s a good option for walking paths as well—after a good rain, slippery walking paths can be dangerous.
  6. Playground Mulch is Easy to Maintain
    Playground mulch is a headache-free option that looks nice and is easy to maintain.
  7. Playground Mulch Offers a Natural Look
    Finally, some people prefer playground mulch to other playground cover options, such as rubber mulch, because they enjoy the natural look of real wood.

If you’re looking for a good ground cover option for a playground or walking trail, consider our playground mulch, particularly if you want something economical, natural-looking, and biodegradable. 

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Playground Mulch