Attractive outdoor entertainment area

We carry a full line of fireplace and fire pit kits for your patio. Fire up the pit and enjoy a hot dog roast or simply keep warm on a chilly night. You can have these kits easily installed in your project.


Potomac River Fire Pit Kit $420
  • 64 Cov garden wall blocks
  • 1 38" painted steel ring
  • 4 bags of sand
  • 1 bag of decorative gravel
  • 2 tubes of glue
  • 6 bags of Limestone
  • Colors: Harvest Blend, Dakota Blend & Autumn Blend
willis creek firepit
Wills Creek Fire Pit Kit $645
  • 80 fire pit blocks
  • 4 fire pit caps
  • 1 Zentro steel ring
  • 2 tubes of glue
  • 4 bags of 67 Limestone
  • Colors: Harvest Blend, Dakota Blend & Pewter Blend
Breeo Fire Pit Kit $985
  • 64 fire pit blocks
  • 4 fire pit caps
  • 1 Breeo smokeless insert
  • 2 tubes of glue
  • Colors Harvest Blend, Dakota Blend & Pewter Blend
Fire Pit Installation Instructions
  1. Choose the site for your fire pit.
  2. Excavate the site by digging down 5”and make your circle slightly bigger than your fire pit will be.
  3. Pour Crusher Run gravel in the excavated area and compact it well.
  4. Begin by laying block. Each row takes 16 blocks. Keep them tight together. Use the tubes of glue to adhere the blocks to one another.
  5. Using the limestone gravel supplied with the kit pour 4” of it in the bottom of the circle of block and level it off.
  6. Set the steel ring. It should be centered with the block and level with the top of
    the block.
  7. Potomac River only- Pour the sand between the steel ring and the block. Fill it all the way to the top. Pour water on the sand causing it to settle down.
  8. Potomac River only-Top off the sand with the decorative gravel, making it full and level with the steel ring and the block. Keep the remainder of the decorative gravel to add more to it later as more settling occurs.
  9. Finish around your fireplace with topsoil, decorative gravel or pavers or
    whatever you choose.
  10. Enjoy your fire pit year around!
Fire Pit Color Options
Autumn Blend
Dakota Blend
Harvest Blend
Pewter Blend

No matter the locale, there will always be cool evenings to enjoy the warmth of a backyard fire. Necessories' Fire Rings & Pits add charm to any backyard design. Roast your meats, veggies, or s'mores on your new backyard campsite grill.

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