Outdoor Grills, fire pits, & fireplaces

We’ll supply you with what you need for a comfortable home and beautiful backyard.

Are you ready to turn your backyard patio into the perfect hosting and cooking area? Whether it's roasting hot dogs and telling stories around a fire, or grilling the perfect backyard meal, we have everything you need.

Our full line up of gas and pellet grills, outdoor fireplaces, and patio fire pits will complete your backyard with a wide range of options, styles, and colors. It's time to make your dreams reality!

Who is Ebyland?

Ebyland started as a simple mulch yard owned by Eby Sawmill in 2002. As the years went by, the little mulch yard expanded into a full landscape center that offers a full array of products to their customers.

We offer many choices of mulch, soils, decorative gravel, hardscaping, water gardening, patio & lawn furniture, outdoor fire pits, bbq grills and more.

In 2018, Keith & Sylvia Eby purchased the business from Keith's family and named it Ebyland LLC. Our goal remains the same. We want to provide our customers with the resources that they need to care for their own backyard haven.

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