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  • "The people at Ebyland were very knowledgeable and helpful. We chose a pellet stove from their showroom floor and had them install it in our living room. We are absolutely delighted with the results!"

    - Joshua Zimmerman

NEW:  Visit our Hearth Project Gallery to see projects we have installed in our service area!



Your family deserves a warm home with consistent temperatures. No more collection of random electric space heaters.

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SAVE $$$

Quadra-Fire stoves unite efficiency with reliability, and the result is savings that stay in your pocket.



Create the perfect winter welcome in your home with a stove, hearth, and mantel.

We sell, install, and service stoves and fireplaces in Cumberland, MD, and the surrounding areas.

Few things are better than a cozy home with efficient heat...

NEW:  Visit our Hearth Project Gallery to see projects we have installed in our service area!

You can also view some photos of recent installs in the photo slider below.

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Stop in and visit our showroom to talk to our sales team and view available models. We also offer in-home consultations.

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Our installation techs are Quadra-Fire Certified and will ensure that your stove is installed neatly and correctly.

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Sit back and relax in your home with your feet by the fire!

Why have Ebyland Install Your Fireplace?

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We carefully screen the products we order so that you get only top-rated materials that provide you with a positive experience.


Your installation is in good hands. All of our installation and service techs are Quadra-Fire Certified to make sure you receive only the best workmanship.

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We back up our products and installation with the best warranty avaialble for every product that we install.


We offer the renewable fuels that you need to keep your fireplace going. We deliver fireblox (replaces firewood) or wood pellets directly to your home in Cumberland, MD.

a cold, drafty home?
expensive electric bills?
stove breakdowns & ongoing mainentance?
a warm, inviting, & cozy home
heating efficiency and savings
quality intallations backed with reliable service

Every person should have a warm home without having to pay outrageous electric bills.

Visit the Showroom  or  View our Project Gallery to see what's possible for your home!

Local Fireplace & Hearth Installer in Cumberland, MD

As a homeowner, you don't want a drafty or expensive heat source.  Thankfully, you can enjoy efficient and cozy heat with a fireplace, stove, or hearth from Ebyland!

Learn more about benefits of efficient heat...

As your local hearth and fireplace installer in Cumberland, MD, the team at Ebyland knows you want a heat source that is efficient, cozy, and beautiful.

The problem is that many fireplaces take a lot of work to maintain and clean, or they may be inefficient and lose a lot of heat out the chimney.

You deserve a beautiful fireplace that brings the whole family together during the Cumberland winter and fall!

We offer a variety of stoves and fireplaces that allow you to be efficient and cozy in your home with an aesthetic heat source.

Choose a stove that burns traditional firewood or Fireblox, or a pellet stove that burns wood pellets for an even heat.

Call the Ebyland team today or stop in and visit our showroom.  You don't need to worry about wasted heating dollars this fall when the Ebyland team installs your new fireplace, stove, and hearth!

Also, if you are worried about the work or lack of renewable fuels, the Ebyland team is here to help you!

We offer firewood, Fireblox (made from wood shavings and sawdust), and wood pellets for renewable fuels that can be shipped directly to your home ready to be burned.  No cutting, stacking, drying, or other work necessary!

Average Winter Weater for Cumberland, MD...

According to the Weather Atlas, here are the average fall and winter temperatures (high and low in Fahrenheit) for Cumberland, MD (zip codes 21501-21505):

  • October: 68 -42
  • November: 56 - 34
  • December: 44 - 26
  • January: 40 - 22
  • February: 45 - 24
  • March: 55 - 31

Weather Spark states the average cold season for Cumberland lasts around 3.2 months, starting November 29 and ending on March 2.  During this time, January 29 is the average coldest day with an average high of 39 degrees F and an average low of 24 degrees F.

And if you're interested in snow, the possible snow season is 4.6 months - beginning in mid-November and ending at the end of March.

On those colder evenings and days, imagine your family staying warm around a cozy fire.  This dream can be a reality for your family - contact Ebyland today!

More areas we serve...

We offer fireplace, stove, and hearth installs and service in the following areas:

Hearth & Fireplace

Do you charge a fee for in-home fireplace consultations?
  • No, our in-home fireplace and hearth consultations are free.
What kind of fireplaces do you sell?
  • We sell both gas and wood-burning fireplaces for your home or business.
Do you sell a hearth or fireplace kit that I can install myself?
  • Yes, we sell stove and fireplace kits that you can install yourself or have your own contractor install it.
Does Quadrafire make only wood pellet stoves?
  • Quadrafire makes both wood stoves and wood pellet stoves.
What makes Quadrafire stoves so efficient?
  • Quadrafire stoves and fireplaces have an efficient design which maintains heat better while burning less fuel.
Do you offer a workmanship warranty with your stove and hearth installations?
  • We are committed to every customer's satisfaction with your hearth, fireplace, or stove installation.  If something is not installed correctly, we will fix it.
Do you offer decorative stonework with a fireplace installation, or do I need to find my own stone contractor?
  • Our team is trained and able to do the accompanying stonework for any hearth or fireplace installation.
Do fireplaces and stoves need to be cleaned regularly?
  • Cleaning maintenance depends on the fuel source you use and how much fuel is burned.
  • Wood stoves and fireplaces take the most cleaning maintenance, wood pellets are average, and gas requires almost no maintenance.
Do I have to worry about birds or small animals getting in the chimney?
  • We install chimney caps that prevent birds and small animals from getting inside the chimney.

NEW:  Visit our Hearth Project Gallery to see projects we have installed in our service area!

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