Enjoy the crackle and aesthetics of a fire with traditional firewood!

  • Sold in totes that are 3/10 cord.
  • There is a $25 tote fee that is refunded when the tote is returned.  If you are returning a tote, the cost is $100.  If you are not returning a tote, then the cost is $125.
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Do you love the crackle, smell, and aesthetics of a fire that uses traditional firewood?  If so, we have wood for sale that is easily stored and stacked.  Our wood is dry, clean, and ready to burn.

Our firewood is stored and delivered in totes that hold 3/10 of a cord each.  There is a $25 fee for each tote, but this money is refunded when the totes are returned to Ebyland.  These totes make storage, delivery, and moving your wood easy!


You can pick up your firewood at our store, or Ebyland can deliver it directly to your home, shop, office, or other location.

No more getting the chainsaw or splitter out – enjoy this traditional fuel that is ready to store and burn!

Additional information

Do you have a tote to return?

Returning tote – $100, Not returning tote – $125