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We proudly carry EP Henry Hardscaping products.

Hardscape products that provide...

Two people sit on a stone retaining wall, one reading to the other. Surrounded by lush trees and grass, the landscaped area showcases various hardscape materials that elevate its serene atmosphere.


Turn bare patches of ground, crumbling walkways, and unusable hills into stable sidewalks, patios, and retaining walls.

A brick pathway curves along the edge of a landscaped yard with green shrubs and plants, showcasing a beautiful mix of hardscape materials as it leads to the side entrance of a house with white siding and stone accents.


Replace rotting wood, uneven sidewalks, and cracking concrete with stability, safety, and lifetime quality.

An outdoor kitchen with stone countertops and stainless steel appliances, showcasing beautiful hardscape materials under a wooden ceiling with ceiling fans. There's a dining table with chairs and a view of a tree-filled background.


Have peace of mind with hardscaping materials that come standard* with stain resistance, ultraviolet shielding, and acid rain protection.

*Pavers with color tech feature

Getting EP Henry Hardscaping Products Is Easy...

Step 1


Our sales team will help you choose the EP Henry Hardscaping products that you need to complete your hardscaping project

Step 2


We will deliver your products to your home, or you can choose to pick them up at our store.

Step 3


Enjoy the beauty, quality, and usefulness of your outdoor living area!

We recently held a hardscaping seminar at Ebyland going over the 4 essentials of a quality hardscape project. Watch the trailer below or click the link to view the whole seminar!

consistent materials

We are a certified EP Henry Hardscaping distributor and carry their products exclusively. Experience the quality, customized options, and peace of mind that comes from using a national brand.

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EP Henry Hardscaping materials are designed to last a lifetime and come standard with a lifetime warranty.


Don't let a hardscaping project scare you! Our sales team will walk you through every part of the job; we even connect you with a contractor we know and trust to do great work.

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    Walls that fail

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    Cracked concrete

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    Rooting Wood

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    High Maintenance

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    Trip Hazard

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    Sturdy, lasting walls

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    More useful space

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    Low Maintenance

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    Increased home value

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    Attractive style

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    Curb appeal

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    Patio to entertain guests

Hardscaping Products

  • Yes, Ebyland partners with local hardscape contractors who will install your hardscape project.  Simply let us know what your needs are, and we will partner you with the right contractor for the job.

Local Hardscape Supplier in Cumberland, MD

Whether you are looking to rebuild your patio, make a new walkway, or add a new retaining wall or seating wall to your outdoor space, adding a hardscape project provides long-term quality and beauty.

As your local hardscape supply center in the Cumberland, MD, area, we have a variety of EP Henry Hardscaping supplies and materials in our store at Ebyland.

We provide quite a few features with our hardscaping projects as well.  This includes outdoor fireplaces, outdoor firepits, low voltage landscape lighting, natural stone products, and much more!

We can help you design your new hardscape space, and if you don't want to install it yourself, we can also arrange for a trusted contractor to help you with the installation.

Stop by the Ebyland store today to begin designing your dream outdoor space with quality hardscape products!

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