EcoBlaze Wood Pellets


EcoBlaze Wood Pellets are a renewable energy source that is cleaner than firewood, has more BTUs, and is locally produced!

  • Sold by the Ton.
  • Sold by the 40lb Bag.


EcoBlaze Wood Pellets allow you to have clean, renewable, and highly efficient heat while leaving the work, dirt, and required space of traditional firewood.


EcoBlaze Wood Pellets are hardwood pellets designed for a pellet stove or insert.  They will not work in a traditional fireplace.  Not only are EcoBlaze pellets a renewable energy source, they are also produced locally in the Cumberland, MD area!


Why should you consider purchasing a pellet stove with EcoBlaze Wood Pellets?

  • Exceed PFI (Pellet Fuel Institute) standards for wood pellets
  • They burn with less than 1/2% ash and fines
  • They come in bags for easy storage and moving.  They can even be stored outside as long as the packaging is not torn or cut open.


Enjoy a local, renewable heat source that is cleaner, hotter, and more efficient than traditional firewood!  Like one customer said, “Delivery was easy & as promised.  These pellets are a much higher quality than what I have used in the past.”

Additional information

Weight 2000 lbs