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Rubber mulch is ideal for playgrounds and other playing areas.

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If you have a playground area for your children, rubber mulch is the ideal protective ground covering! It provides a safe, spongy surface for little feet and protects against the nasty cuts and scrapes that frequently accompany play on stones or asphalt.

Since rubber mulch is also long-lasting and does not deteriorate like wood mulch products, your children will enjoy this quality play area for many years.  It is also safer and more sanitary for children since it does not harbor bugs or other organic matter.

Rubber mulch comes in large sacks weighing 1 ton.  One sack covers 300 square feet to a depth of 3 inches.

We deliver these 1-ton sacks to Cumberland, MD, and the surrounding area.  If you have a truck or trailer, you can also pick it up directly at our store!

Visit Ebyland today for the finest playground ground cover that you will find anywhere!

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Weight 2000 lbs

More on Rubber Mulch

Children love to run and play outside, and these are essential activities for them both as fun and for their overall health. Have you ever seen that look of delight when they lay eyes on that especially fun-looking swing set or playground?

If you’re constructing a playground area for your home, business, church, or park, you need to build something that they will love. And specifically, you need something to spread under the playset to discourage weed growth and keep the area from becoming slick, muddy, and dangerous for their little feet.

When looking at your options, consider our rubber mulch.

What It Is

Rubber mulch is made of ground-up rubber tires and is considered by many to be the ideal ground cover for a playground area, providing a safe, long-lasting surface that’s gentle on little soles.

Rubber mulch is typically used for playgrounds because of its low maintenance requirements and cushioning ability. However, it can also be used for other applications if you’re looking for a soft ground cover that requires little to no maintenance. 

Benefits of Rubber Mulch

  1. Rubber mulch is cushioning.
    When children play, there’s a high likelihood that they’ll fall and potentially hurt themselves. But soft rubber mulch provides an ideal place to land and can prevent many injuries.
  2. Rubber mulch doesn’t harbor bugs and bacteria.
    Since rubber mulch doesn’t absorb water and is inorganic, bacteria and bugs won’t colonize it. 
  3. Rubber mulch is long-lasting.
    One of the main benefits of rubber mulch is that it lasts for years without fading, yet needs very little maintenance. Being a heavier substance, it also won’t blow or wash away in terrible weather. 
  4. Rubber mulch drains water.
    The last thing you want in a playground is slick, muddy patches that will cause children to fall and – horror of horrors – get their clothes dirty. Rubber mulch actually solves this problem by draining water away. 

If you have a playground area for children, consider covering the ground with rubber mulch. Not only is it headache-free, but it will keep children from hurting themselves as they freely enjoy the joyful fun that a play set should offer.

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Rubber Mulch