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Bark Mulch for your landscaping beds!

  • Dark brown beauty to set off all your flowers
  • Finely ground for the highest quality
  • Sold by the cubic yard.
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Bark mulch from Ebyland is composed of 100% pure bark. Pure bark mulch adds nutrients to the soil and decomposes faster than hardwood blends. This faster decomposition helps prevent a thick layer of mulch from developing around plants and shrubs in your landscaping beds. This saves you time in the spring that would otherwise be spent raking and scraping away old mulch before putting down new.

It also adds the abundant nutrients contained in this mulch back into the soil faster, making it a great choice for new plants that need those nutrients sooner rather than later. When choosing mulch, take the age of your plants into consideration.


Bark mulch is also an excellent choice for repeat mulching for the following reasons:

  • It is ground fine for easier spreading, better aesthetics, and easier decomposition.
  • It is screened to remove stones and large sticks.
  • It adds a deep, dark-brown beauty to your landscaping.


Ebyland delivers bark mulch to Cumberland, MD, and the surrounding area.  If you have a truck or trailer, you can also pick it up directly at our store!

Don’t settle for second-best! Come to Ebyland and choose from the finest selection available!

More on Bark Mulch

Do you dream of having beautiful, well-maintained landscaping?

A beautiful yard will inspire you to spend more time outside and to host neighborhood parties on your lawn, both of which contribute positively to your long-term health and happiness.

One of the best ways to attain nice landscaping is to add mulch to your flower beds.

When looking at your mulch options, consider our natural bark mulch.

What It Is

At Ebyland, our bark mulch is made from 100% pure bark. It is a beautiful deep-brown color.

Our bark mulch is ground very fine, making it easier to spread than other mulch options and giving your landscaping a put-together look.

Bark mulch also decomposes easier than hardwood blends, adding nutrients directly to the soil to help your plants flourish.

We screen our bark mulch to remove stones and large sticks, so your landscaping always looks professional.

Benefits of Bark Mulch

  1. Bark mulch provides a decorative cover for your garden beds.
    By spreading bark mulch in your garden beds, you give your landscaping a beautiful, tidy, well-maintained look.
  2. Bark mulch keeps mowers and weed eaters away from trees.
    Bark mulch makes it easier to maintain your landscaping, by providing a separation between the lawn and the garden beds and trees. This makes it much easier to mow and weed-eat around your yard without damaging trees or having to maneuver your lawnmower into awkward corners.
  3. Bark mulch improves the soil quality.
    When bark mulch decomposes, it puts nutrients back into the soil. This will keep your plants healthy and thriving. Since bark mulch decomposes quickly, it’s ideal for new plants that need nutrients sooner rather than later.
  4. Bark mulch helps with moisture retention.
    Bark mulch helps keep your plants healthy by trapping moisture, so that they can thrive well with less overall maintenance from you.
  5. Bark mulch protects your plants from frost.
    Mulching your plants in winter keeps them insulated, protecting them from frost.
  6. Bark mulch helps decrease weed growth.
    One of the main benefits of bark mulch is that it keeps weed growth to a minimum. Not only is this healthy for your plants, but it’s less work for you, and it keeps your garden beds looking attractive.
  7. Bark mulch saves you time.
    Not only does bark mulch keep the weeds down, but it also benefits your garden beds in other ways that save you time. Since it decomposes quickly, it prevents a thick layer of mulch from developing around plants and shrubs. Because of this, in the spring, you can put down new mulch without having to scrape and rake away the old mulch.

If you’re looking for a good mulching option, consider our bark mulch, particularly if you like the natural brown color and are looking for something that will decompose well and nurture young plants.

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Bark Mulch