Premium Hardwood Mulch


Use Premium Hardwood Mulch to create pristine flower beds and walkways!

  • Double-ground for finest quality
  • Sold by the cubic yard.
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Premium Hardwood Mulch is a blend of our premium hardwood and bark blend from local sawmills.  Premium mulch is used to create pristine landscape beds, especially for shrubs, flower beds, and along walkways.


What makes this mulch premium?

  • It is double-ground
  • It is screened to remove stones and large sticks
  • It is aged for a dark brown, consistent mulch


We deliver our premium mulch to Cumberland, MD, and the surrounding area.  If you have a truck or trailer, you can also pick it up directly at our store!

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More on Premium Hardwood Mulch

You may dream of having gorgeous, well-maintained landscaping, creating an outdoor space that’s both tidy and inspiring. But how will you achieve this look?

One of the best things you can do for your landscaping is to spread mulch around trees, shrubs, flowerbeds, and walkways. 

Not only is this good for your plants, but it adds a beautiful, uniform look to your landscaping.

When looking at your mulching options, consider our popular premium hardwood mulch.

What It Is

Our premium hardwood mulch is made from premium hardwood and bark from local sawmills. It’s double-ground for smooth spreading and screened to remove stones and large sticks.

At Ebyland, we age our premium mulch to give it a consistent dark brown color free of dyes. If you’re looking for a natural brown mulch, premium hardwood mulch may be the option for you. 

Benefits of Premium Hardwood Mulch

  1. Mulch provides a uniform look to your garden beds.
    By mulching around trees, shrubs, flower beds, and even walkways, your landscaping will look beautiful and put together. Our premium hardwood mulch offers a natural look that will give you lovely landscaping without attracting too much attention to itself. 
  2. Mulch discourages weed growth.
    One of the main benefits of mulching your garden beds is that mulch discourages weed growth, keeping your garden beds tidy and your plants healthy. It’s also much less work for you!
  3. Mulch retains moisture.
    Plants need moisture to thrive. Since mulch retains moisture, it keeps your plants healthy without a lot of extra maintenance. 
  4. Mulch protects your plants from extreme temperatures.
    In winter, rapid freezing and thawing can damage your plants. The insulating effects of mulch prevent this damage, helping your plants survive and thrive through the colder months as well as the warmer. 
  5. Mulch improves the quality of your soil.
    One advantage that mulch has over other landscaping options, such as decorative stone, is that mulch actually breaks down over time, adding nutrients directly into your soil.
  6. Mulch makes it easier to maintain your landscaping
    Not only does mulch discourage weed growth and keep your plants thriving, but it also makes it easier to mow and weed-eat around your yard. The mulched beds provide a nice separation from buildings, trees, and walkways, making it easy to mow without damaging anything or having to maneuver awkward corners.

If you’re looking for a good mulching option, consider our premium hardwood mulch, particularly if you are looking for something natural-looking and high-quality.

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Premium Hardwood Mulch