Brown Dyed Mulch


Brown Dyed Mulch adds a long-lasting beauty to your landscape beds!

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  • Chocolate-brown beauty for all your flowerbeds.
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Brown dyed mulch has a chocolate-brown color that is long-lasting and adds significantly to the beauty of your flowerbeds, walkways, and shrubs.  Our brown dyed mulch is double-ground for highest quality.  It is also color-enhanced and maintains its brown hue over twice as long as premium mulch.

Spread it around your flowers and shrubs and enjoy the chocolate brown beauty all summer long, knowing that the weeds are being safely held at bay.

We deliver brown mulch to Cumberland, MD, and the surrounding area.  If you have a truck or trailer, you can also pick it up directly at our store!

Come to Ebyland and choose from the finest selection in the area!

More on Brown Dyed Mulch

There’s nothing like the beauty of a rich brown mulch spread neatly around your flower beds, trees, and shrubs. 

Incorporating mulch into your landscaping is not only beautiful and good for your plants, but it makes your outdoor spaces look professional and well-maintained, inspiring you to spend more time outdoors. 

When looking at your mulching options, consider our brown dyed mulch.

What It Is

While mulch is beautiful and healthy for your plants, over time it can fade and begin to look shabby. At Ebyland, we solve this problem by offering brown dyed mulch. Brown dyed mulch is designed to resist fading, so your garden beds retain their rich brown color all summer.

This chocolate brown color has a natural look that will compliment your trees, shrubs, and flowers well. 

Our brown dyed mulch is double-ground, which gives it a smoother look and makes it easier to spread.

Benefits of Brown Dyed Mulch

  1. Mulch provides a decorative cover for your landscaping beds.
    Our brown dyed mulch is the perfect decorative cover for your garden beds. The brown dye keeps the mulch from fading, providing a rich uniform look that pulls the landscaping look together. 
  2. Mulch improves the quality of your soil.
    When looking at landscaping options for your garden beds, you have multiple options, including various types of decorative stone. All options have their pros and cons, but one distinct advantage of mulch is that over time, it breaks down and adds nutrients to the soil, keeping your plants thriving. 
  3. Mulch insulates your plants from frost.
    Mulch also protects your plants by insulating them from the extreme freezing and thawing in winter that damages plants. 
  4. Mulch discourages weed growth.
    One of the amazing benefits of mulch is that it keeps weed growth to a minimum. This keeps your plants healthy since they don’t have to compete for resources, and it’s much less of a headache for you to maintain your landscaping! Overall, this lack of weed growth keeps your garden beds looking clean and well-maintained. 
  5. Mulch helps with moisture retention.
    Plants need moisture to thrive, and mulch helps out by trapping moisture. This results in less maintenance required from you overall. 
  6. Mulch makes it easier to mow your yard.
    You can mulch many areas of your landscaping, including along walkways and around your flower beds, trees, shrubs, and even equipment. This makes it easier to maneuver your lawnmower around your yard because the mulch doesn’t need to be mowed but it’s easy to mow around the mulch.

If you’re looking for a good mulching option, consider our brown dyed mulch, particularly if you like the dark, natural-looking, fade-resistant brown color.


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Brown Dyed Mulch