Polywood Is The Best Option For Outdoor Furniture – Here’s Why

If you are searching for high-quality patio furniture, you've probably become acquainted with some options: wicker, hardwood, wrought iron, aluminum, and plastic. With all the options, choosing the one that's best for you can look overwhelming!

Besides that, there are also chairs, benches, swings, and all sorts of different sets of deck furniture you can buy. Having many options is great, but it doesn't make your decision any easier! 

At Ebyland, we understand that you want to make a good decision on quality outdoor furniture that you are happy with. Nobody likes to spend money on items that break or that you simply don't like. 

That's why we've written this article on Polywood outdoor furniture - we want to help you make a wise investment and feel good about your purchase. 

Ready to find out if Polywood is for you? 

Let's get started! 

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    1. What Is Polywood Furniture?
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    3. Four Cons Of Polywood Furniture
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    4. Three Alternatives To Polywood
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    5. Seven Types Of Polywood Furniture

What Is Polywood Furniture?

Before we start, what is Polywood?

Polywood is a low-maintenance, durable, eco-friendly alternative to hardwood. It is heavy-duty and long-lasting and made from tough plastic, and designed to look like wood.  

What is Polywood made of? 

Polywood lumber is primarily made from High-density polyethylene (HDPE), a thermoplastic polymer made from petroleum. Polywood products are manufactured from HDEP, UV-inhibiting pigments, and other additives. 

polywood lumber is made from high density polyethylene

Because HDPE has a high strength-to-density ratio, it is one of the most versatile and widely used plastics. HDPE is labeled as a #2 plastic and is easy to repurpose into new products. Most of the raw HDPE that goes into Polywood comes from recycled plastic such as milk jugs, shampoo bottles, old cutting boards, bleach bottles, and other post-consumer waste. 

From this, you probably already got the message that Polywood is great for the environment! 

More on that later.

Is Polywood Furniture Expensive?  

Polywood furniture is a significant investment. You rarely find a new Polywood Adirondack deck chair for under $200. 

However, most decent deck chairs are in the price range of $150-$300 apiece, whether wood, metal, wicker, or Polywood. You can always get lower-quality chairs for cheaper or higher-quality ones for much more. 

Polywood is expensive mainly because HDPE is a dense, high-quality plastic. 

Also, Polywood furniture is made in a fashion similar to wood furniture - it's made of poly lumber held together with metal bolts and screws. It's not like cheap, one-piece plastic furniture made from a mold. It's much better quality than the furniture you usually think of when you hear "plastic." 

That means it's going to be more expensive. 

And don't forget -  all good outdoor furniture will be expensive, because it has to be made from high-quality materials to withstand the elements. 

It may be worth just spending some money and getting decent outdoor furniture now, instead of facing the hassle of replacing your furniture every few years.

paying more for quality outdoor furniture is worth the investment

3 Pros Of Polywood Furniture

Now we know what Polywood is and why it can be a bit expensive. 

But if Polywood is expensive, why do people buy it? Is it worth the money? 

Polywood is popular for a reason! There are a lot of perks to buying it. Let's take a look at some of the benefits of Polywood. 

Polywood is Durable

Poly lumber does not rust like wrought iron or splinter, rot, or crack like wood. Because it is plastic, it does not attract pests like termites or rodents and does not absorb moisture. It's made to stand all kinds of weather, including snow, sun, salt spray, and heavy winds. 

It's basically indestructible.  

Beyond that, Polywood furniture is not painted or stained. The coloring is a dye that goes all the way through the piece of furniture. This means you will never have to deal with chipping paint or fading stain, and any dings and scratches that form won't even appear. 

Of course, this also means that if you end up not liking the color, you won't be able to easily change it, although it is possible (though a little difficult) to paint your Polywood furniture. Keep that in mind when you choose your furniture.

polywood furniture is dyed the whole way through

The Polywood Limited Warranty states that the Polywood parts of Polywood furniture should last for 20 years. The screws and bolts that hold the furniture together are the only parts you may need to worry about. They might rust or corrode, and this is one of the "limited" parts of the Polywood Limited Warranty. 

Polywood is Low Maintenance   

Polywood furniture barely requires any maintenance. It is easy to clean. Just use some soapy water, a bristle brush, and maybe a little bleach. If you want a deep clean, a pressure washer works just fine. 

As you've already read, you will never need to refinish or repaint your Polywood furniture. The color is infused throughout the piece, so scratches and chips won't appear, and no topcoat finish could wear off.  

However, if you get tired of the color of your deck chairs, it is possible to paint Polywood furniture. It's just more complicated than painting wood. Make sure you know how to paint Polywood before you start. Use a good primer formulated for plastics first, and just remember that painting Polywood furniture voids the warranty. 

Polywood furniture is heavy enough not to blow away, and it's made to withstand the elements so that you can leave it outside 24/7. The coloring in Polywood is infused with UV stabilizers to prevent fading, but it may still fade a little. To minimize fading, keep it covered.

polywood furniture is very durable

Polywood is Eco-friendly  

90% of the material in polywood furniture comes from recycled materials. These shampoo bottles, milk jugs, detergent containers, and cleaner bottles would have otherwise ended up in landfills--but instead, they are recycled into furniture! Furthermore, the HDPE plastic in Polywood furniture is recyclable as well. 

So Polywood furniture gives you the look of hardwood while preserving forests. An entire banquet hall of Polywood tables and chairs wouldn’t take a single tree! 

Plus, unlike wood, all odds and ends of Poly lumber left over after manufacturing a piece of furniture can be recycled to make something new. There is no waste. 

If you would like to read more about Polywood’s environmental benefits and how Polywood is made, check out this page, which outlines the process.

pros of polywood furniture

4 Cons Of Polywood Furniture

Of course, Polywood isn't perfect. While Polywood is durable, low maintenance, and eco-friendly, it also has its cons. Here are four of them: 

Polywood Furniture Can Be Heavy 

HDPE is a dense, firm plastic. And while this is great because it's durable, it also means that the average heavy-duty Polywood deck chair weighs 30-50 lbs. And deck chairs are unwieldy, so moving one may take two people. Tables, chaise lounges, and benches weigh even more. 

If you have a lot of Polywood furniture on your deck, make sure your deck can take the weight of both furniture and humans!

However, the upside of being heavy is that your furniture isn't likely to blow away, even in intense weather.  

Polywood Outdoor Furniture Can Be Expensive

Polywood furniture is not a good impulse buy. As previously stated, one chair may cost $200 or more. A two-chair set with a small side table may cost over $500, and larger pieces and sets will be even more expensive. 

However, while this might seem like a lot at first, it isn't bad for outdoor furniture. Quality outdoor furniture comes at a price because if it's going to withstand the elements, it has to be well-made. The good stuff isn't going to be cheap. 

If you don't like furniture shopping and you have the funds on hand, you will be better off buying one $200 chair that lasts for 20 years rather than buying a $50 chair every five years. You will save yourself time and stress this way. You may save money, too, since furniture shopping takes time and effort, and low-quality furniture may need to be refinished or repainted. 

Polywood is an excellent long-term investment for those who dislike the stress and bother of shopping for and maintaining furniture. However, if you are trying to save money in the next six months, it may not be your best option. 

And if you are going to spend the money, you might as well get something that you aren't going to have to refinish or replace too soon—and Polywood fits that bill. 

Polywood Is Rigid 

Polywood is rigid. Your chairs won't conform to your body, and they aren't going to get "broken in." They aren't soft unless you put cushions on them. 

Some people find this uncomfortable, so make sure you like the furniture's feel before you buy it. 

beautiful brown polywood chairs are good for relaxing

Polywood Furniture Can Get Hot   

Polywood can heat up if left in direct sun for too long. Dark colors like black or dark brown get especially hot

This can get uncomfortable; as previously stated, big pieces are heavy and hard to move. So think about where the sun/shade will be when you decide where to put your furniture.

3 Alternatives To Polywood Furniture

Hopefully, you now have an idea of whether or not you want to invest in Polywood furniture. If it's a good option, check out our Polywood furniture at Ebyland!

If it's not the ideal outdoor furniture for you now, that's ok. You have plenty of other options, and we won't leave without introducing you to some of them. 

Of course, there are plenty of other types of deck furniture to choose from. Let's take a look at some alternatives to Polywood. 

Wood Outdoor Furniture

Wood is perhaps the most classic, authentic, and (depending on your opinion) attractive material. However, it can rot, crack, attract pests, or develop mildew if neglected. So if you live where it's damp or pesty, don't go for real wood. 

outdoor furniture made from wood can crack and rot

Several different kinds of wood are typically used for furniture:

  • Teak - Teak is the hardest, most resilient wood (and also the most expensive.) If you want low-maintenance wood, go with teak. Historically, people used teak to build boats—it's that tough! Also, it weathers to a lovely silvery gray, so it gains beauty and personality as it ages. 
  • Eucalyptus - Eucalyptus is less expensive than teak, but it takes a little more maintenance and needs to be treated regularly. However, if taken care of, it can last as long as teak. 
  • Cedar - Cedar is the least expensive and shortest-lived type of wood. Your classic picnic table is made of cedar. Like eucalyptus, you should treat it regularly.  

Wooden furniture creates a pleasant, homey, relaxed feeling for your porch or backyard. It's a classic that looks great with rustic, natural, or old-fashioned themes. 

Metal Outdoor Furniture

Metal deck furniture is another classic option. Metal is solid and rigid and can be formed into more complex shapes than wood or plastic so you can get metal pieces with a little more interest. However, it is often heavy and not always very comfortable without cushions. Besides that, it holds both heat and cold, so it is not very comfy in extreme weather. 

There are several different types of metal that you can buy: 

  • Aluminum - Aluminum furniture is lightweight, rust-free, and low maintenance. It's easy to clean and doesn't require paint. Moving it indoors during the winter will help lengthen its life.  
  • Wrought Iron - Wrought iron is heavy, tough, and durable. It can stay parked outside all year round, which is nice because it weighs about as much as a truck and is a pain to move. Wrought iron needs painting now and then to keep it from rusting. 

One thing to think about with wrought iron furniture is that you shouldn't place it somewhere where you are going to mow, as you won't want to move it since it is so heavy. 

outdoor furniture made from metal is heavy

From your classic, curling wrought iron bench to your modern aluminum chairs, metal furniture looks more formal than wood and can dress up an outdoor space. You can add interest and class to an outdoor area with latticed back or fancy curling spirals. 

Wicker Outdoor Furniture

Wicker adds some nice texture to your deck or backyard. It’s beautiful! But it can be harder to clean because the texture and natural wicker need significant care. 

There are two kinds of wicker:

  • Natural wicker - Natural wicker is made of organic materials such as rattan, reed, or bamboo. It’s very classy and gives a nice, organic feel. However, while it’s really cool, it’s not the most durable. You will have to store it inside sometimes, and it’s hard to maintain and clean.
  • Synthetic wicker - Synthetic wicker is made from plastic, usually HDPE, like Polywood. It creates almost the same effect as natural wicker but is much more durable and easy to maintain. 

Most of the time, wicker makes for a nice organic, natural look. It gives you those jungle or beachy vibes! Sometimes, you can paint wicker white or a color to create a more modern or Victorian look.  

And what kind of look is Polywood furniture suitable for? 

It depends on what type of Polywood furniture you buy. Here are a few different styles and sets of Polywood furniture. They are suitable for various purposes.  

alternatives to polywood for outdoor furniture

Types and Sets of Polywood Furniture

Adirondack Chairs 

Adirondack chairs are classic outdoor deck chairs. They come in all colors and variations, and they look great on any patio, deck, piazza, or pool! They are relaxed, informal, and classic. 


Benches make for great cozy, intimate corners in your garden. Set them under a gazebo, archway, or in a quiet garden alcove for a touch of romance. Or set them beside a trail in the shade to provide a resting place. 

Look at this page for 15 more creative ways to use benches in your garden. 

Chaise lounges

Chaise lounges speak relaxation. They are great for chilling by the pool with a cool drink in your hand or reading in the shade whenever you need some hardcore downtime. They can even make for naps! 

Gliders and Swings 

Relaxed and easygoing, a porch swing or glider is the perfect place to relax, talk with a friend or sit and think alone. Plus, a swing or glider makes your porch or backyard look much more inviting! 

Dining sets 

Dining sets are for outdoor mealtimes and include a table and chairs to match. You can get round tables or square tables, different numbers of chairs, or even benches. They are just the ticket for outdoor dining and parties. 

Conversation sets 

Conversation sets aren't as well known as dining sets, and you may not know off-hand what they are.

These sets are designed to create the feeling of an outdoor living room. Conversation sets typically include several chairs and a small coffee table. As their name implies, conversation sets are perfect for socializing with drinks or just sitting around and having a good conversation. 

Bistro sets

Bistro sets are the best choice for a small space or those inclined to romance. They generally include two chairs and a small table. Since bistro sets originated in France, they evoke a French cafe and provide the perfect place to enjoy drinks or a private dinner for two! 

types of polywood furniture

Remember, creating a beautiful deck or backyard isn’t that hard. It’s more attainable than you think! If you liked this article, you might like some of our other articles too:

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