Contractor Grade Landscaping Fabric 3ft x 50ft


Contractor grade landscaping fabric measuring 3ft x 50 ft.

  • Sold by the roll.


Contractor Polyspun fabric, also known as landscaping fabric, is great for landscapes and flower gardens in order to control weeds.  The landscaping needs to be placed in the landscape bed before mulch or decorative stone is put on the bed.  Fabric staples need to be applied to the landscaping fabric to keep it stretched and in place.


Benefits of landscaping fabric:

  • Weeds are prevented from growing in landscape beds.
  • Water can pass through to reach established plants and flowers.
  • Nutrients and fertilizer can pass through.

Preparing your flower bed with landscaping fabric:

  • Remove all old mulch or decorative stone
  • Remove all weeds
  • Smooth out the dirt and remove stones, sticks, and large dirt clumps
  • Put down the landscaping fabric.  Cut holes around plants and flowers
  • Pin down the fabric on the edges and middle using fabric staples
  • Apply mulch or decorative stone.  Make sure the fabric is not punctured or moved if using a fork or garden rake.