SB3 Landscaping Fabric 3ft x 100ft


SB3 Landscaping Fabric, 3ft x 100ft roll.  Spunbound geotextile ideal for drainage and weed control.

  • Sold by the roll.


SB3 Landscaping Fabric is a spunbound polypropylene geotextile used by professional landscapers for a variety of applications.  This roll measures 3ft x 100ft and is 3-ounce fabric.


Benefits of SB3 Landscaping Fabric:

  • High puncture resistance
  • Strong and versatile landscaping fabric
  • High water flow
  • Excellent weed control


Common uses for SB3:

  • Behind retaining walls
  • French drains and other drain field applications
  • Weed control in landscape beds or other areas
  • General landscaping when weed control or proper drainage is important