Stratford II Wood Fireplace

Stratford II Wood Fireplace by Osburn

Stratford II Wood Fireplace

Fuel type: Dry cordwood

Heating area: 750 square feet

Maximum heat output: 80,000 BTU/h (23.4 kW)

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Purchase a Stratford II Wood Fireplace and let yourself be charmed by the timeless beauty of this non-catalytic wood fireplace, which performs particularly well and meets the EPA’s most restrictive emissions standards.

The Stratford II offers you more, including a 2.5 cubic foot firebox that’s easy to access through double-cast iron doors. This unit will impress you with its distinctive style and exceptional heating capacity.

Specs & Manual

Download the complete installation & operation manual here.

Fuel type: Dry cordwood
Recommended heating area-ft: 750 – 2,200
Overall firebox volume-ft: 2.5
EPA loading volume-ft: 1.69
Maximum burn time: 8 h
Maximum heat output-dry cordwood: 80,000 BTU/h (23.4 kW)
Overall heat output rate <: 14,200 BTU/h (4.16 kW) to 48,200 BTU/h (14.13 kW)
Average overall efficiency (EPA cribs/Douglas fir): N.A. (HHV) N.A. (LHV)
Average overall efficiency (dry cordwood): 68% (HHV) 73% (LHV)
Optimum overall efficiency: 74 %
Optimum heat transfer efficiency: 71 %
Average particulate emissions rate: 1.14 g/h
Average CO: 53 g/h