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What Can Landscape Materials Do For Your Home?


Tired of spending good money on inferior products that don't do the job or look good? Ebyland has only premium products.



Get backyard products that will make your yard and garden greener, lusher, and healthier.



Transform your flower beds, driveway, and backyard into a picture-perfect haven.

Landscaping Supplies available for
Oakland, MD

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We'll assist you in selecting the products you need to make your outdoor landscaping stare worthy.



We'll deliver products straight to your property - or you can come to visit our location. Just choose your preference!



You don't have to go on vacation! Instead, stay at home and revel in the beauty of your backyard.

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We are proud to offer products that are made locally. Your purchase not only helps your backyard; it also helps local businesses.

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We want you to have the best products and customer experience, so we carefully choose and screen wholesale suppliers to ensure quality.

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Enjoy the relationships, customer service, and simple purchasing that only a local family-owned business can provide.

Say Goodbye to...
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    sparse flower beds with inferior mulch and weed control.

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    the embarrassment of having dead spots in your yard and potholes in your driveway.

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    the frustration of not knowing what products you need to repair your yard, garden, or driveway.

Say Hello to...
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    a beautiful lawn and flowerbeds that are the envy of the neighborhood.

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    quality products that will transform your backyard.

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    excellent customer service that will recommend the right product for your backyard needs.

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    personal delivery for the mulch and outdoor landscape supplies you need.

Mulch & Landscape

How big is a cubic yard of mulch?
  • A cubic yard is a box that is 3 feet wide, 3 feet high, and 3 feet deep.
How soon can mulch usually be delivered to the Oakland area after it is ordered?
  • We do our very best to deliver all orders to your property within 2 days. During the busiest of days, delivery may be prolonged to 3 days. 
How much product can your trucks deliver at one time?
  • The most mulch we can deliver at one time is 24 cubic yards of mulch. 
  • The most stone we can deliver at one time is 22 tons of stone.
If I want to pick up mulch at Ebyland, do I need to schedule a time, or can I just show up with my truck?
  • There's no need to schedule an appointment! When you get here we'll take your order promptly and get you loaded and on your way! 
Does mulch help the soil as it decays, or is the main purpose for aesthetics?
  • Mulching accomplishes a variety of purposes.  It improves your soil as it decomposes, it suppresses weeds growing in your flower beds, and it adds beauty to your home.  Learn more about the benefits of mulch here.
If I am not able to spread my mulch or other products myself, can Ebyland help me?
  • Absolutely! We know that physical and time restraints keep some people from having the yard they want. So, we partner with local landscape professionals who can come to your property and do your work for you! 

Mulch & Landscape Supplies Delivered to Oakland, MD

Homeowners everywhere want properties that look amazing.

And that's good! You should take pride in maintaining the earth and creating a beautiful spot to enjoy.

Thankfully, those in Oakland, MD have an advantage. With Ebyland nearby you can get premium landscape supplies delivered to your property anytime!

Why quality landscaping materials are important...

Turning your lawn into a hidden oasis is one of the quickest ways to increase the overall value of your property. Not only does this drive up your value, but it adds to your curb appeal. 

And gorgeous backyards are important to the locals of beautiful Oakland, MD.

After all, this corner of the world is known for its grand outdoor scenery.

So what can you do to create the perfect yard? 

  • Mulch
  • Gravel
  • Garden soil for beautiful plants
  • Pavers
  • Retaining walls
  • Landscape rocks

And that's just the beginning. 

Just be aware that landscape supplies isn't the area to go cheap. 

When you make a change to your yard, you want it to last for a while. 

But when you purchase low-quality products all the time and energy you put into your landscape will soon be wasted. 

It's definitely worth the extra investment to get products that are durable and will look great for a long time. 

Then at least, your aching back will feel worth it! 

At Ebyland, we sincerely want you to be in love with your backyard - and we know that the less often you need to visit our store the better it is for you. 

That's why we offer premium products that will get the job done and last a long time. 

If you want to invest in the best landscape materials in Oakland get in touch with us! 

Our friendly and talented team will be more than willing to help you make good landscape choices. 

Then when you're ready we'll load up your vehicle or deliver the supplies straight to your property. 

Contact us today and see how we can help your backyard thrive in Oakland, MD.

Average Summer Weather for Oakland, MD...

Located in the northwestern corner of Maryland, Oakland is far enough north to get cold winters and some snow.

In fact, temperatures usually hover in the 20's and low 30's during the winter months of December, January, and February. 

However, Spring and Summer offer great growing seasons in Oakland.  

According to Weather Spark, here are the average spring and summer temperatures (high and low in Fahrenheit) for Oakland, MD (zip code 21550):

  • April: 34-64
  • May: 43-71
  • June: 52-77
  • July: 58-78
  • August: 56-78
  • September: 46-75

The warm season in Oakland lasts for 3.8 months, from May 25 to September 19, with an average daily high temperature above 70°F

This is the time of year most people get out in their lawns and get to work! 

However, the most die-hard individuals plan ahead even during the coldest months of the year! 

For those individuals, the cold season lasts for 3.0 months, from December 1 to March 2, with an average daily high temperature below 44°F

While growing options are limited during this time, there are creative ways to get plants ready for the moment the earth starts warming up! 

And when those early days of Spring finally do come many rejoice! 

The earth starts to come alive, and you can finally get back in your yard and help it along! 

Just imagine the smell of freshly spread mulch and the sight of brand new flower shoots peeping up through the ground. 

This dream can be a reality for your family - contact Ebyland today!

More areas we serve...

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