Red Stone 3/4″


Red stone 3/4″ is a beautiful decorative stone perfect for landscape areas.

  • Sold by the Ton.
  • Size is 3/4″
  • Color is a beautiful red with brown tones
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Red stone 3/4″ is primarily used for decoration in landscape beds as a mulch replacement.  Its brownish-red tones add a vibrant aesthetic to any flower bed and complement flowers, bedding plants, and shrubs that are in the landscape bed.  It’s 3/4″ size makes it a perfect size for maintenance, spreading, and transporting.


To prevent weeds from growing up through the decorative stone, landscaping fabric needs to be placed on the landscape bed first.

We deliver red stone to Cumberland, MD, and the surrounding area.  If you have a truck or trailer, you can also pick it up directly at our store!

Come to Ebyland and stock up on the finest red rock available.

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Weight 2000 lbs

More On Red Stone

We know you care about the way your landscaping looks! 

After all, your landscaping frames your home and sets the mood and tone of your property. Good landscaping makes your home look beautiful and polished, whereas sloppy landscaping makes your whole property look seedy. 

If you want to give your landscaping a facelift, there is no more effective way to do so than to layer on some fresh mulch. 

Want a low-maintenance mulching option? Try out our red stone! 

What Is Red Stone 

Our red stone is a ¾” gravel that comes in a beautiful red color. Its smaller size makes it easy to transport and work with and it can act as an effective ground cover. 

The stone’s red tones can add some color to your flowerbeds and complement your home and other landscaping. 

How To Use Red Stone 

This stone is a versatile material! You could use it in several different ways: 

  • Apply it to your flower beds as a mulch to keep down weeds and retain moisture in your soil.   
  • Spread it over large areas for weed control. 
  • Use it for decorative pathways or other features in your landscaping such as a water garden.  
  • Mulch around trees and shrubs so you don’t have to weed whack around them anymore.  
  • We recommend placing landscaping fabric underneath your stone for complete weed control. 

Pros and Cons of Red Stone 

Wondering about the benefits and drawbacks of using our red stone? 

Here are a few pros and cons: 


  • Red stone is low maintenance. Unlike organic mulches, red stone does not degrade or wear out, so it won’t need regular replacement. 
  • Red stone can provide effective long term weed control. 
  • The red color of the stone can look beautiful when incorporated into your landscaping! 
  • The stone is small and easy to work with. 


  • Unlike organic mulch, red stone will not enrich your soil or aid plant growth. 
  • If the stone rolls around in your yard it can become a mower hazard. 
  • If you decide you don’t like your red stone, it’s very difficult to remove it from your landscaping! 

If you are looking for an easy and effective weed control or pathway solution, take a closer look at our red stone!  


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Red Stone 3/4″