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Add unique beauty to your home with River Rock!

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  • Three sizes:  Pea size, 1-1/2″, and 3″.
  • Color is dark tones with browns, grays, and tans


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This rock is used mainly for decoration in landscape areas. Used instead of mulch, this stone adds a complementary touch to a landscape bed with the natural tones complementing the bedding plants and shrubs.

Rock landscape beds provide an attractive, maintenance-free option for both homes and business locations.

To prevent weeds from growing up through the river rock, landscaping fabric needs to be placed on the landscape bed before the rock is applied.

Add that natural tone and beauty to your home, office, or shop with a rock landscape bed today!


We deliver river rock to Cumberland, MD, and the surrounding area.  If you have a truck or trailer, you can also pick it up directly at our store!

Find the finest river rock for your needs at Ebyland today!

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Weight 2000 lbs

More On River Rock

Every homeowner wants their landscaping to look fabulous! 

After all, your landscaping largely determines the “street view” of your property. Neat, well-done landscaping makes your home look inviting and pristine, whereas unkempt landscaping gives your entire property a seedy, overgrown appearance.

To add an attractive, low-maintenance element to your landscaping, consider these river rocks. They combine smooth beauty and effective weed control and require minimal maintenance.  

What Is River Rock 

River rock is a type of smooth gravel that has been naturally rounded by water. Harvested from rivers and stream beds, it typically contains different shapes and colors of stones and various imperfections. 

Since river rock does not compact like artificially crushed stone, it also works well for areas where drainage is needed. 

The natural look of river rock complements plants and shrubs well and creates a woodsy feel in your landscaping as though a riverfront were somewhere close by.  

How To Use

River rock adds a beautiful, natural touch to a property. Here are a few ways you could use it in your landscaping: 

  • Apply it to your flowerbeds as a low-maintenance mulch. Because it is inorganic, it will not degrade and need regular replacement. 
  • Use it for walkways or driveways. 
  • Add it to cactus gardens or -even more appropriately – water gardens. 
  • We recommend placing landscaping fabric underneath your river rocks for complete weed control. 

Pros and Cons of River Rock 

Here are a few benefits and drawbacks of using river rock. 


  • Adds a lovely natural look to your landscaping.
  • Is much more pleasant to walk on than most gravel, due to its rounded edges.
  • Won’t need regular replacement.
  • Provides effective weed control.


  • River rock neither enriches your soil or aids in plant growth.
  • If it enters your grass, it can be a mower hazard.
  • Rocks can sometimes absorb enough heat from the sun to cause plants to overheat and wither.
  • If you decide that you no longer enjoy river rocks in your landscaping, they are very difficult to remove! 

If you are looking for a natural landscaping material that provides great aesthetics and weed control with minimal maintenance, our river rock may be for you! 

Come check it out at Ebyland today!

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River Rock