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We have a large variety of plants and shrubs to create and maintain your beautiful landscape or garden

  • “We just moved to Cumberland mid-June, and today was the day to find a place to get plants, potting soil, and a few outside odds and ends. Ebyland, even in the middle of July, had just the best plants, good advice, and suggestions for the local growing conditions. We are very happy and can recommend highly. Good plants, great knowledge, and friendly people.”

    - Phillip M.

Close-up of vibrant purple and white columbine flowers with yellow centers, set against a blurred green background in a plant nursery greenhouse.


Don't get stuck with sickly plants that die soon after planting. Choose thriving plants straight from the nursery!

An outdoor seating area with a black metal lattice screen, cushioned chairs, a sofa, and a coffee table on a stone patio surrounded by greenery and trimmed hedges is perfect for designing a beautiful backyard.

Quality Trees

Explore our nursery's diverse selection of expertly nurtured trees to enhance your landscape.

An elderly woman wearing a white sunhat and gardening gloves, holding a potted plant and a trowel, is smiling in a plant nursery greenhouse surrounded by blooming purple flowers.

Nurture Your Hobby

Awaken your inner green thumb while enjoying the therapeutic beauty of the outdoors!

Plants, trees, and shrubs available at our Plant Greenhouse near Oakland, MD


Trying to finish your garden or landscape project with the right plants?
Step 1


Our fully-furnished nursery and trained customer service team will give you plenty of options.

Step 2


Purchase the plants you want and take them home with you. We also offer delivery if requested.

Step 3


Enjoy planting your new seedlings and watch them transform your garden and backyard!


All Shrubs, Bushes & Trees come with a 90 day Warranty with proof of purchase.

Extended 2yr warranty on all Shrubs, Bushes & Trees with the purchase of Total Compost and appropriate fertilizer with proof of purchase.


Our Nursery staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. We know you will enjoy working with them!

Full Landscape Design

We collaborate with a local landscape design artist to provide you with a full landscape design and plant list.

Say Goodbye to...
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    Plants that don't fit the space

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    Poor quality plants that die

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    An unattractive garden

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    Small or diseased trees

Say Hello to...
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    A beautiful garden

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    Plants that thrive

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    The fulfillment of watching things grow

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    New trees growing in your yard

  • Yes!  We offer delivery services for all the plants that we sell in our nursery.

Plants, Trees, and Nursery Products for Oakland, MD

As a homeowner, you want a beautiful front and back yard with plants that complement your home and are high quality.

At Ebyland, we provide a large variety of plants, trees, and shrubs in our store's greenhouse.

We know that quality plants and trees are important to each homeowner we serve, and we make sure we only stock plants and shrubs in our nursery that are designed for long-term success and beauty.

To help with this, we have a full-time greenhouse manager who is trained and skilled in properly caring for our plants.  He is also available to help you choose the plants that make the perfect complement to your home.

If you are looking to plant trees, shrubs, and other plants in your yard or flower bed this year, stop by Ebyland today - your local plant nursery supply for Oakland, MD, and the surrounding areas!

We also provide other outdoor products including mulch and landscaping supplies, outdoor furniture, children's playsets, pellet grills, outdoor firepits, and much more!

Wondering why you should plant trees on your property?

Read our FREE infographic to learn the 9 ways trees benefit your home and property!

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