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57 gravel is commonly used for driveways, backfill, and drainage.

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57 stone is a limestone aggregate smaller than 1″ in size and usually around 3/4″ in average size.  Since our 57 stone is graded and has no fines and very little stone dust, it will undergo minimal compaction.


Description: A ¾” limestone aggregate.

Color: Bluish gray color.

Uses for 57 stone:

  • Used for driveway surfaces and for back filling retaining walls.
  • Used around drain pipe to increase drainage.
  • Used to stabilize soils that are difficult to compact.

Compaction: Minimal


We deliver 57 gravel to Cumberland, MD, and the surrounding area.  If you have a truck or trailer, you can also pick it up directly at our store!

Additional information

Weight 2000 lbs

More On 57 Stone

Every homeowner dreams of showing off beautiful landscaping on their property. 

It’s so fun to be proud of your property! But there are more benefits to good landscaping than just the “wow factor.” A few of these include: 

  • Increased physical and mental health 
  • A beautiful place to host 
  • Increased property value 

And more! Trust us, it’s worth investing some time and energy in your landscaping. That is why we offer quality landscaping products for all your needs. 

Our 57 stone is a great material for use in your landscaping or construction projects. Here is a little more info on this stone.  

What Is 57 Stone 

Different types of landscaping and construction gravel are sometimes classified by size. The size is represented by a number. That is what the 57 stands for in “57 stone.” 

Ebyland’s 57 stone is a limestone gravel that is roughly ¾” in diameter and has been screened to remove smaller particles and most of the stone dust. It’s a common and very versatile size for construction gravel, and the minimal dust means it won’t compact very much. 

How To Use 

Because it doesn’t compact much, 57 stone is a great choice for drainage projects. But you can use it for other things too.  

Here are a few more ways we recommend you use 57 stone. 

  • Driveways and walkways 
  • Around pipes or behind retaining walls to increase drainage 
  • For stabilizing soils that have trouble compacting 
  • For irrigation projects 
  • In concrete and asphalt mixes 
  • In construction projects 

If you like the look of it you could use 57 stone as a decorative stone too, but it is generally used for construction-type projects. If you use 57 stone as a ground cover for weed control we recommend placing landscaping fabric underneath for complete weed suppression. 

Because it is artificially crushed 57 stone has hard, jagged edges. That means it may not be the most comfortable gravel to walk on.

If you need a versatile construction stone, 57 stone is a great choice! 

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57 Gravel