Masonry Sand


Masonry sand is a fine sand used for mortar and paver joints.

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Since mason sand is carefully screened, it is much finer and more uniform than concrete sand.  This makes masonry sand ideal for use in making mortar, sweeping in between paver joints, or as a foundation for inflatable pools.


We deliver mason sand to Cumberland, MD, and the surrounding area.  If you have access to a truck or trailer, you can also pick it up directly at our store!

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Weight 2000 lbs

More On Masonry Sand

If you are ready to start your next outdoor improvement project, you will need the right supplies to get the job done correctly. 

It’s fun to pick out the surface products like mulch, pavers, and decorative stone, but chances are you will also need other, less exciting, materials such as base gravel and sand. 

Thankfully, Ebyland has all the materials that can help you get your project done right and make your property a truly beautiful place that you are proud of. 

If you are ready to get started on your project, check them out today! 

What Is Masonry Sand 

Sometimes called “mortar sand,” masonry sand is an all-purpose type of sand that can be used for numerous purposes. 

Like most commercial sand it is made by crushing solid rocks from a quarry. However, whereas concrete sand is coarse and may even contain small gravel, masonry sand is finely screened to remove all larger chunks. 

Because it is finer than concrete sand it can be used for sandboxes, beaches, and other top layers. 

Uses For Masonry Sand 

Masonry sand is the top choice for most kinds of projects that require sand. In other words it’s the one-size-fits-all type of sand. 

Here are a few specific purposes it’s often used for: 

  • In sandboxes, volleyball courts, or on beaches 
  • To fill in the cracks between pavers 
  • To make mortar or smooth concrete 
  • As a smooth foundation for inflatable pools 

If you want to get started on your next project and you need sand, check out our masonry sand today!

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Masonry Sand