Stone Dust


Stone dust is a limestone aggregate with a lot of fines.  It is ideal for use as a base when properly compacted.

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This is a small limestone aggregate composed primarily of fines.  It is screened to remove stones and gravel of any substantial size.

Color: Bluish gray color.

Uses for stone dust:

  • Leveling flagstone walkways
  • Leveling retaining wall bases
  • Any area needing a level base that is easily compacted

Compaction: Moderate

This is an aggregate with lots of fines. This would require a compactor to make the stone a suitable base.


We deliver stone dust to Cumberland, MD, and the surrounding area.  If you have a truck or trailer, you can also pick it up directly at our store!

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Weight 2000 lbs

More On Stone Dust

If you are working on an outdoor home improvement project you are going to need the right materials to get the job done correctly. 

After all, you want your project to stay strong and add beauty to your property for years! 

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What Is Stone Dust 

When manufacturers process large stones to form gravel, they send it through a machine that crushes it up into smaller pieces. As the pieces go through the machine they pass over a screen that sifts out all the tiny bits of stone and dust. 

This mixture of dust and small stone bits is sold as a separate product, and it is sometimes called “quarry dust,” “quarry screenings,” or simply “grit.” 

You can use this fine dust in your landscaping for various purposes. 

Uses For Stone Dust 

Stone dust is mainly used as a base for any type of pavers or other stones. It makes an excellent patio or walkway base because it is fine enough to create a smooth surface for laying a flat patio, and strong enough to support the weight of large stones. 

Here are a few more common uses for stone dust: 

  • Leveling and forming a strong base for retaining walls 
  • As a level surface for pathways
  • Any other place where you need a smooth, level, compact base layer 

Because it contains so many fines, this material needs moderate compaction to create a good base. Otherwise, it will compact on its own over time. 

If you want to get started on your project, you can get your stone dust at Ebyland today! 

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Stone Dust