67 Gravel


67 gravel is a 1/2″ crushed limestone ideal for driveways, backfill, and drainage.

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67 stone is a limestone aggregate averaging 1/2″ in size.  Since our graded 67 stone contains no fines and very little stone dust, it will undergo minimal compaction.


Description: A  1/2” crushed limestone aggregate.

Color: Bluish-gray color.

Uses for 67 stone:

  • Used for driveways and back filling retaining walls.
  • Used around drain pipes to increase drainage.
  • Used to stabilize soils that are difficult to compact.

Compaction: Minimal


We deliver 67 gravel to Cumberland, MD, and the surrounding area.  If you have access to a truck or trailer, you can also pick it up directly at our store!

Additional information

Weight 2000 lbs

More On 67 Gravel

Don’t you love the feeling you get after you complete a home improvement project? 

It’s so satisfying to stand back and look at your handiwork and enjoy the way it makes your entire property look better. Completing a project also inspires you to host more so you can enjoy the results of your work. 

If you are looking for materials for your outdoor projects, you have come to the right place. England’s 67 stone and other landscaping products can help you get your next project done right! 

What Is 67 Gravel? 

Stone used in landscaping and construction is sometimes classified by the size of the grains or chunks. The size is represented by a number, and that is what the “67” stands for in 67 gravel. 

This 67 gravel is crushed limestone that is roughly ½” in diameter. It is sifted to remove all smaller chunks and “fines” or stone dust. Because it contains little dust it will undergo very little compaction when you apply it. 

How To Use 67 Gravel 

Because 67 gravel does not compact into a solid material it is ideal for use in drainage projects such as around pipes, irrigation systems, or behind retaining walls. You can also use it to stabilize loose soil types that don’t compact easily. 

It is also useful for driveways, paths, or covering large areas to prevent weed growth. Its bluish-grey color can look good with lots of different landscaping styles and home color schemes, although it is generally used in construction projects and not as a decorative stone. 

If you are working on an outdoor project that requires gravel, check it out today! 


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67 Gravel