67 Gravel


67 gravel is a 1/2″ crushed limestone ideal for driveways, backfill, and drainage.

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67 stone is a limestone aggregate averaging 1/2″ in size.  Our 67 stone is graded and has no fines and very little stone dust, meaning it will have minimal compaction.


Description: A  1/2” crushed limestone aggregate.

Color: Bluish gray color.

Uses for 67 stone:

  • Used for driveways and backfilling retaining walls.
  • Used around drain pipes to increase drainage.
  • Used to stabilize soils that are difficult to compact.

Compaction: Minimal


We deliver 67 gravel to Cumberland, MD, and the surrounding area.  If you have a truck or trailer, you can also pick it up directly at our store!


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67 Gravel