Blacktop Millings


Blacktop Millings compact well and are an excellent cost-effective alternative to standard driveway gravel.

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These Millings are an excellent driveway base and are more cost-effective than typical driveway gravel.

Uses for asphalt millings:

  • Driveway base as an alternative to gravel
  • Fill-in material for potholes
  • Basketball courts
  • Patios
  • Other special projects

Compaction: Recommended – they compact easily

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Ebyland delivers blacktop millings to Cumberland, MD, and the surrounding area.  If you have access to a truck or trailer, you can also pick your product up directly at our store!

More On Blacktop Millings

As a homeowner, you care about the way your property looks, from your landscaping to your driveway. 

After all, you want a property you can proudly show to your friends and family. It’s such a good feeling to take pride in your home! Plus, if you are proud of your property, it inspires you to host more often and make lasting memories. 

That is why at Ebyland we offer the quality landscaping supplies you need to make your property into a space you love! 

If you need a cost-effective and eco-friendly material for driveways and walkways, read a little more on our blacktop millings. 

What Is It 

Our milled blacktop is recycled asphalt that has been torn up and milled into pieces. Because it is a recycled material it is cheap and eco-friendly. 

It’s a great alternative to gravel if you want to go the eco-friendly route! 

How To Use Milled Blacktop 

Milled blacktop compacts easily and quickly, forming a strong, solid base for things like driveways or walkways. Here are a few more ways you could use milled blacktop. 

  • As an alternative to gravel on any pathway or driveway 
  • As a base material for construction projects or driveways 
  • As a filler for leveling uneven areas or utility trenches 

Milled blacktop is a great alternative to more expensive materials if you need a lot of material and don’t want to shell out a lot of money. However, it’s not as attractive as materials like regular blacktop or gravel, so it’s more commonly used as a filler or construction material than as a decorative stone. 

Pros and Cons of Using Milled Blacktop 

Here are a few advantages and drawbacks to using milled blacktop. 


  • Since it is recycled, milled blacktop is environmentally friendly and sustainable. 
  • Milled blacktop is cheaper than gravel.
  • Milled blacktop compacts and strengthens over time, rather than disintegrating or spreading out. 


  • Since it has already been exposed to the elements, milled blacktop does not look as clean and dark as regular asphalt, and it is not as attractive as gravel. 

If you are looking for a cheap and eco-friendly material for your driveway, pathway, or landscaping project, milled blacktop may be a good choice for you! 

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