Slate is a layered rock ideal for a driveway or parking area base.  Ideal for compaction and stone bases.

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Slate is a layered rock that works well as a sub-base for driveways, parking areas, and other areas that need compaction.  It is often used as a more cost-effective alternative to crusher run stone.

Uses for this product:

  • Used for a sub-base layer under roads and driveways.
  • Used for a sub-base aggregate underneath segmental walls and interlocking pavers.

Compaction: Needed

This aggregate has a variety of sizes in it thus requiring significant compaction.  If left unpacked, it will settle and pack over time.


We deliver slate to Cumberland, MD, and the surrounding area.  If you have a truck or trailer, you can also pick it up directly at our store!

More On Slate

Are you ready to complete your next outdoor home improvement project and make your property a little more beautiful? 

If so, you will need the right materials to do your job right. And you will need more than the surface materials such as mulch, decorative stone, and gravel. You will need the right materials to create good bones for your project so it stays strong for years. 

Thankfully, Ebyland has a variety of materials such as sand, base gravel, and slate, that can help you get your job done well. 

If you want to get started, check them out today! 

What Is Slate 

Slate is a type of fine-grained metamorphic rock that develops due to the repetition of rock layering. It is a durable, strong rock. 

When it is chipped up, slate can make a good base material for driveways, parking areas, pathways, or other areas that need a compacted base. This product contains chunks of varying sizes, so it requires compaction when used in a project. 

Uses For Slate 

Sometimes slate is chipped finer and used for decorative purposes such as ground cover and mulch, however, this product is not refined for looks, and is better when used as a construction material. 

Here are a few ways you could use this product:

  • As a sub-base for roads, driveways, and parking lots. 
  • As a sub-base underneath walls, pavers, or large stones. 
  • In any other area where you need a solid, compact base. 

It is best to compact the slate when you put it down, otherwise, it will settle on its own over time and may mess up the structure of your foundation. 

Slate is often used as a cheaper alternative to crusher run stone, as it can get the same type of job done but comes at a lower price. 

If you want to get started on your next project, check out our slate today! 

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